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Zhejiang Minhui Luminous Technology Co.,Ltd(“MINHUI”) was founded in 1998 and was located in Lanxi Economic Development Park of Zhejiang Province, but now already moved to new factory located in Jiangnan Economic development park of Lanxi city, It covers a ground area of about 33330 m2. Our company possess total assets more than a hundred million yuan now. As it belongs to the Greast Yeangtze Delta, the most developed industrial region in China, it is geographically close to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo and adjacent with Yiwu, the largest global commodity purchase center, and therefore have a quick logistic network.

As the pioneer in Photoluminescent field, Minhui is backed with strong R&D capacity and has accumulated profound manufacturing experience. It has developed a number of new products and established cooperative relations with many domestic scientific institutes. In the past years, Minhui passed the performance test carried out by China Academy of Sciences (CAS) for long afterglow luminescence materials, SGS accreditation, ISO 9000 international certification, and the chemical tests by Shanghai Chemical Research Institute (SCRI) Testing Center. It is qualified for the registration of REACH act of Europe Union and now is a member of PSPA. Currently, it is implementing 6S management system throughout the company.

Minhui launched a range of alkaline-earth aluminate and alkaline earth silicate luminescent products. This independently developed product range is widely applied to architecture and decoration, traffic and transportation, military facility, fire prevention and safety, industrial and consumption field, craftworks, and so on. At present, Minhui has fine workshops and a products R&D center: possess annual production capacity of 300tons of photoluminescent pigment; 5million square meter of photoluminescent self-adhesive film/ photoluminescent fabric/reflective fabric; 100,000 square meter of photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet; 100,000 square meter of all kinds of photoluminescent signs/reflective signs; and the R&D center has the capability to provide new products or OEM service based upon customer’s requirements.

Minhui have an abundant experienced research team, and it has an effective and proven technical route in achieving industrialization and commercialization of research achievement, also has accumulated profound experiences in aspect of transformation of scientific and technological achievements. With the continuous expansion of domestic and international market demand, the production capacity of domestic enterprise cann’t meet market demand. The foundation of production lines of photoluminescent film/fabric, photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet fill the vacancy of market in south of China, meanwhile satisfy market demand.

While in industrialization of high-tech research achievement, Minhui pay great attention on marketization. Since 2009, Minhui has been cooperating with Transport Department of Zhejiang to research and develop products of《Phosphorescent highway traffic signs》&《Self-luminescent Emergency Escape Tunnel System》, which cause a great attention and support by domestic Government and relative Department. Minhui participated in drafting National standard of《Phosphorescent highway traffic signs》 (JT/T 967-2015) and Local standard of 《Setting technology and regulation of Self-luminescent traffic Signs》(DB33/T975—015).

All kinds of Photoluminescent products/reflective products produced by Minhui has completed a number of influencing priority projects at home and abroad, it has a broad impact on society. While in bringing economic benefit to the enterprise, also it produces huge social benefits.

After the products were launched into market, they win a great deal of popularity and trust with their extraordinary quality and total technical support,and have shaped up a good brand effect among peers. Now, they have obtained markets in U.S.A, Japan, Europe,Middle East, Southeast Asia,and many other countries and regions. The Sports Center of Chicago,Pairs Airport,Madrid Metro, and London Underground are just several examples that have employed a multitude of photoluminescent products produced by Minhui.