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No Standard code Standard summary Remark
1 JT/T 967-2015 《Phosphorescent highway traffic signs》 China
2 GA480.3-2004

《Rules for testing of the fire safety signs》
Part 3: Photoluminescent fire safety signs

3 GB 17733.1-1999

《Place name plates-towns and villages》
Specifically stipulate the luminance requirement of photoluminescent place name plates.

National standard

4 GB/T 24980-2010 《Long Afterglow Phosphors Activated by Rare Earths》

National standard

5 JIS Z9107-2008 《safety colours and safety signs: classification, performance and durability of safety signs》
Specifically stipulate specific performance requirement of photoluminescent safety signs


Industry standard
6 DIN 67 510 Parts 1-4 《Photoluminescent pigments and products》
Part 1: Measurement and identification by the manufacture.
Part 2: Measurement at the Place of Use.
Part 3: Photoluminescent escape route systems.
Part 4: Products for photoluminescent escape route systems, marking and application.
7 ISO 17514 《Specifies the test methods for the photoluminescent deposits applied to time-measuing instruments, together with the requirements related to them》 ISO
8 IMO Resolution A.752(18) 《IMO decision A.752(18) 》
Application stipulation of photoluminescent materials on ships promulgated by IMO.
9 NYC Local Law 26 New York local law, regarding to application stipulation of luminous signs and indication system in construction. USA
10 E2072 Standard specification for photoluminescent (phorsphorescent) safety markings ASTM
  E2073-00 Standard test method for photopic luminance of photoluminescent marking.  
  E2030 Standard specification for photoluminescent (phosphorescent) safety marking.  
11 BS 5499:2013 Signs, safety signs, specification of fire-fighting safety signs. UK
12 CIE 182:2007 Standard test method for photopic luminance of photoluminescent material. CIE
13 PSPA Class A,B.C and D Photoluminescent Safety Products Assocation standard. PSPA UK
14 UNE 23035 Photoluminescent safety signs standard SPAIN
15 ISO 15370: 2010 Low-location lighting indication on passenger ships ISO
16 ISO7010:2011 Graphic symbols- safety colors and safety signs ISO
17 ISO16069:2004 Graphic symbols- safety route indication signs ISO
18 гост12.2.143-2009 Safety symbols and signs. RUSSIA