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Luminous safety signs series products are new and finished products developed and produced based on excellent luminous materials, a component that is independently developed by Minhui. It can glow in darkness for 12 hours (decay to 3mcd/m2) continuously after it has absorbed various visible lights for 15-30 minutes. It can glow be used repeatedly, with long service life. The product is characterized by easy installation, no power supply or maintenance, resistance to high temperature and impact, and high safety. It is widely applied to ships, airplanes, public buildings, commercial centers, safety facilities, plants, mines and other enterprises, used to guide the evacuation, indicate relevant equipments, and serve as warnings or indicators.


At present, there are six categories of luminous safety signs series products: luminous emergency evacuation and indication signs, luminous fire-fighting equipment signs, luminous strip/tape, luminous stair step &handrail signs, tunnel & road markings, and vessel signs.