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The photoluminescent pigment developed by Minhui has two kinds: one is made by activating alkaline earth aluminate with rare earth elements; another one is traditional sulfide-based. Especially alkaline earth aluminate phosphor-based glow in dark pigment, This material is characterized by performances such as light absorption, light storage and light radiation and can glow in darkness for 12 hours continuously after it has absorbed various visible lights for 10-20 minutes. Its luminance brightness and duration is at least 30 times of traditional luminescent materials represented by ZnS:Cu, and can be used repeatedly. The test results issued by National Institute of Metrology (NIM) demonstrate that the product is nontoxic, radioactive free, and has stable chemical performance. It can be made into various photoluminescent products, and have been widely applied to fire prevention, place-name signs, household electric appliances, clocks and watches, finery, garments, craftworks and gifts, and so on.

Characteristics of Photoluminescent Pigment:
1.Contains no toxin or radioactive element, harmless to humans and the environment;
2. Has less restriction on excitation light source. As long as the light intensity reaches 25LX, it can be used as an excitation light source, and in general buildings the light intensity can get to 500LX and above. Therefore, sunlight, general lighting, surrounding stray light can be used as excitation source.
3.Able to produce high-luminescence afterglow in the next 12hours after 10-20 minutes of exposure under the light, which is 30 times of that produced by traditional phosphor;
4.Possesses excellent physical and chemical properties, can be used outdoors or in extreme environment, able to resist ultraviolet, and maintains its performance basically after thousand hours of exposure to 300W high-voltage mercury lamp. It demonstrates sound ability in resisting chemical corrosion and can be applied in a wider temperature range (-20 to 500℃).
5.Available in multiple photoluminescent colors including red, yellow-green, blue-green, blue, and purple and appearance colors;
6.Long service life (> 15 years) and its characteristics (light absorption, storage and radiation) can be infinitely reused;
7.Can be processed into products in different grain sizes (0.5 - 200 um) corresponding to different industrial requirements.

Photoluminescent Pigment Classification:
At present, there are six categories of Photoluminescent pigments: MH series, MH-W series, MH-Y series, MC series, MS series, and MT series
1. MH series photoluminescent powders are alkaline earth aluminate phosphor-based luminescent materials, which are available mainly in light yellow, grayish white, and light grey. Their luminescent colors mainly include yellow-green, blue-green, blue and purple.
2.MH-W photoluminescent pigments are manufactured with MH pigments through encapsulated process, which can be directly used for water-based paint or ink. 3. MH-Y series photoluminescent pigments are still alkaline earth aluminate phosphor-based luminescent material, which can be quickly excited in condition of low illumination level. The color in daytime is Light-yellow, the luminescent color is yellow-green.
4. MC series photoluminescent pigments possess excellent thermo stable performance, which is suitable for industry of ceramic and glass which need hard fire.
5.MS series are sulfide-based photoluminescent materials, which usually is present in red or white and the luminescent colors include red, orange and white.
6. MT photoluminescent pigment has to be specially processed. They have bright appearance, usually in red, yellow, green, blue, and so on. Surely, the appearance and luminescent colors can be particularly prepared to meet with customer’s specific requirements.

Notes & notices during application:
1.Most photoluminescent pigments are soluble in water and decomposed in acid solution, therefore they should not be used in water soluble and acid systems. In case that these pigments have to be used in water-based paint or ink, MHG-W series products are recommended.
2.Photoluminescent powders in general grain sizes usually have better luminescence. However, it is recommended to select the photoluminescent pigment of proper granularity in accordance with your specific manufacturing process. For example, MHG-4B is suitable for road surface brushing and roll coating; MHG-4C is proper for brushing, roll coating, spray coating, silk screen (120 meshes), etc; and MHG-4D is better for brushing, roll coating, spray coating, silk screen (160 meshes), and injection processes.
3.As the photoluminescent pigment has heavier specific gravity, it has to be particularly mixed until it is evenly blended.
4. It should be stored in ventilated and dry environment. Moisture prevention is required. If the pigment can not be used up in one application, it should be sealed during storage.
5.Metallic materials will give significant influence on its luminescent performance; therefore, it should be ground by avoiding metallic materials as practically as possible.

Photoluminescent Pigment Packaging, Transportation, and Storage:
1. Packaging: The standard package of the product composes of inner plastic bag (1 kilo/bag) and external plastic barrel (25 kilos/barrel). Packaging in other forms can be used to customer’s specific requirements.
2.Transportation: Measures should be taken to prevent corrosion, extrusion, sun and rain.
3. Storage: It should be stored in ventilated and dry environment. Anti-moisture measures are particularly required.
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