MINHUI completed the first export order in Zhejiang after the pandemic.

News source: Zhejiang News Network

From the resumption of production to product packaging, to the completion of customs declaration...On the morning of February 10, only 3 hours after the resumption of work, Zhejiang Minhui Luminous Technology Co., Ltd.(Minhui) completed the production of more than 440 kilograms of photoluminescent pigment. After passing the inspection by Jinhua Customs under Hangzhou Customs, the customs declaration was completed, and the goods were sent to the United States. This is the first order produced and successfully exported by a foreign trade enterprise in our province after the resumption of work.

At 8 o'clock in the morning, at Shanghua Street, Lanxi City, the factory gate of Minhui opened slowly, and 63 local workers from Lanxi arrived at their posts one after another. Fang Xianfeng, the general manager of the company, stood at the gate of the factory and used a forehead thermometer to measure the body temperature of each worker. After confirming the worker’s body temperature was normal, he distributed masks to everyone. Then, multiple production lines in the 3 workshops were operated at the same time. Since the raw materials were semi-finished products that have been intensively processed years ago, the products were soon be completed and packaged.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, inspectors from Jinhua Customs entered the site to conduct on-site commodity inspections. "Our products contain rare earth and are intensively processed , so every export requires on-site inspection by the customs." Xu Linyuan, deputy general manager of the company, introduced that in the past, they only reported their export requirements after production and packing were completed. Customs would generally come to site to inspect within 1 to 3 days.

Since the epidemic affected the original delivery date, this time Minhui filed the export application to the customs in advance. According to Chen Jiangfeng, the Section Chief of the Third Division of Comprehensive Business, they instructed Minhui to prepare various documents before the company resumed work. Moreover, when they learned that Minhui need to ship the goods on the same day, the customs staff arrived at the scene in the morning and completed the inspection within half an hour and released the goods.

“Orders from foreign customers are urgent, so we are working to complete production and deliver goods as soon as possible.” Xu Linyuan told the reporter that on February 8, Lanxi government started approving the resumption application from enterprises. On the same day, he submitted the application to the local economic and information department and the community administration. Because almost all employees are from Lanxi and the demand for product export were urgent, Minhui's application was approved on the same day.

Then, Xu Linyuan organized manpower the next day to go to the factory for disinfection and epidemic prevention, sanitation, etc. Masks, thermometers and other materials were distributed to every workshops of the company. Xu Linyuan said that, earlier they also used the company's WeChat group to collect information about the vacation travel records and physical conditions of each employee and their family members. After investigation, 22 employees did not meet the requirements and they were asked to continue to quarantine at home.

The registration, temperature measurement, and disinfection procedures for employees of the enterprise are meticulous. Masks, disinfectant in the workshop are distributed to employees, and meals in the canteen are divided into time periods. On the premise of completing epidemic prevention and control, Minhui is actively and steadily resuming to normal operation.



Inspectors from Jinhua Customs are conducting on-site commodity inspections.

Post time: Feb-14-2020

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