MHR-6101 Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Short Description:

MHR-6101 is our rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl, it can reflect and show a striking multi-color reflective effect when illuminated by light source. It can be carved into different patterns with laser and used to make trendy wear, casual clothing, bags, shoes etc.

  • Product Code: MHR-3511
  • Product Code: MHR-6101
  • Backing fabric: PET film and hot melt adhesive
  • Attachment: Iron on
  • Suited Fabric: All kinds of fabric
  • Retro Reflectivity: 25-30 cd/ ( lx·㎡ )
  • Width: 1cm-140cm
  • Product Detail


    MHR-6101 is our iron-on rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl, also commonly known as neon reflective HTV and iridescent reflective HTV. During daylight, it appears black, but when illuminated by light, it dazzles with an aurora rainbow color reflection. The captivating contrast of this rainbow reflective HTV inspires designers to incorporate it widely into various products, such as fashion wear, leisure wear, bags, shoes, and more.

    It can be carved into different patterns by laser or plotter, embrace the mesmerizing play of colors and setting your products apart with an extraordinary visual experience. Width is available from 1cm to 140cm. 



    1. Cool appearancewhen exposed to light, the rainbow reflective HTV reveals a spectrum of colors, creating a mesmerizing and eye-catching effect.

    2. Easy to use: simply iron in on the clothing or accessories; can comes with a sticky lining.

    3. Customization options: can be made into all kinds of design with laser or plotter



    When applying the rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl, use hot stamping or ironing at a temperature of 135-155℃ for 9-15 seconds with a 5-6 KG pressure. Once the hot stamping process is complete, wait for the heat transfer vinyl to cool down before peeling off the top PET release film.

    Use a household washing machine with a maximum temperature of 60℃, standard household detergent (do not use bleach). Drying temperature should not exceed 50℃, ironing at a medium temperature without steam.

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