Aluminum Photoluminescent Sheet

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Aluminum photoluminescent rigid sheet can be cut into different shapes, printed using silk-screen techniques and made into photoluminescent safety markings of all kinds. It is flame retardant, and has excellent weather and temperature resistance, with a long service life of 8 years outdoor. Cutting and printing service available.

  • FOB Price: 10-150USD/SQM
  • MOQ: 10SQM
  • Supply Ability: 100,000Square meter Per Year
  • Port: NINGBO, SHANGHAI, Etc.
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, Western Union, Etc.
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    Aluminum photoluminescent rigid sheet is made of metal substrate and our high quality photoluminescent pigment.

    It has excellent printing performance and is recommended to be printed by two component solvent ink. It can be used to make photoluminescent signs and can be used in places with harsher environment.



    1. Excellent strength

    2. Flame retardant

    3. Salty solution and detergent resistance

    4.Functional in heat and coldness at the temperature range of -30 to 80 Celsius degree

    5.Excellent physical and mechanical properties

    6. Long service life: 8~10 year outdoor.


    Aluminum Photoluminescent Rigid Sheet Specification

    Model          Thickness
    Afterglow Intensity
    Glowing color
    10 min 60min
    MH-AL-G200 1.3 0.6*1m >210 >30 Light-yellow
    MH-AL-G300 1.3 >300 >35
    MH-AL-G500 1.5 >500 >68
    MH-AL-G700 2.0 >700 >90

    Test standard of Luminance: DIN67510-1


    Customization Service

    We provide customization service for thickness, special size, glow in the dark color and afterglow intensity.

    For questions like payment, lead time, packaging etc. please visit: FAQ page, or send us an inquiry. We will respond to you within 24 hours. 


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