UL 924 Photoluminescent Exit Sign

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UL 924 certificated photoluminescent exit signs with Running Man and EXIT patterns, and the UL code is independently owned by us.

We have also helped many of our customers developed and manufactured UL certificated photoluminescent signs. We are the only UL certificated Chinese factory for making photoluminescent signs.

  • FOB Price: 1-100USD/PCS
  • MOQ: 100PCS
  • Supply Ability: 100,000Square meter Per Year
  • Port: NINGBO, SHANGHAI, Etc.
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, Western Union, Etc.
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    UL 924 standard is the Standard for Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment in United States. As the only Chinese UL certificated photoluminescent sign factory, we own our own UL certificated photoluminescent exit signs, patterns include Running Man and EXIT. We can also help you to develop and manufacture your customized signs.

    Link to UL official website: E490414 for ZHEJIANG MINHUI LUMINOUS TECHNOLOGY CO LTD | UL Solutions (ulprospector.com)


    Customization Service

    We provide tailored solution to photoluminescent signs distributors all around the world, and we make sure we are charging a very reasonable price. To develop your own UL 924 photoluminescent signs, please contact our specialist for more detailed discussion.



    Below is the UL photoluminescent signs (2fc) which UL number is independently owned by us and are ready to sell.These photoluminescent signs will remain legible for a minimum of 120 minutes at a 15.25 meter (50 foot) viewing distance.

    ACTIVATION:Caution-minimum 2 foot-candles(21.6lux) of external unfiltered fluorescent, LED illumination must be present on the sign face at all times during building occupancy.

    7.minhui pl ul sign 2021-1_01


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