Self-adhesive PET Photoluminescent Film

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MINHUI’s PET photoluminescent film is great for computer engraving. It features non-tearable, high-glossy and smooth surface. It is very weatherproof and has a long service life (indoor: 6~8 years, outdoor:4~6years).

  • FOB price: US$ 4-50/SQM
  • MOQ: 10SQM
  • Supply Ability: 35,000SQM Per Month
  • Port: NINGBO, SHANGHAI, Etc.
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, Western Union, Etc.
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    MINHUI's pressure sensitive PET photoluminescent film is made with propenoic acid resin, PET resin and strontium aluminate glow in the dark powder. It is generally used for making exit, warning, identification and directional signage and markings and decorations. 

    Our PET glow in the dark film features:

    1.  Non-tearable, glossy and smooth surface

    2. Excellent computer carving performance

    3. Long service life: 6~8 years indoor, 4~6 years outdoor

    4. Very weaterproof, can be applied in-20~65℃ environment


    PET series Self-adhesive Photoluminescent  Film Specification

    Model Thickness
    Size Afterglow Intensity
    Glowing color
    10 min 60min
    MHF-GP030 0.15 1.24M*50M1.24M*25M1.24M*10M  >23 >3  Light-yellow
    MHF-GP050 0.15 >50 >7
    MHF-GP100 0.16 >100 >12
    MHF-GP150 0.21 >150 >20
    MHF-GP200 0.25 >210 >30

    Test Standard: DIN 67510-part 1, D65 Standard light source after being excited for 5 min by 1000 LUX.


    Additional Information

    Customization service for:

    1. Glow color

    2. Size

    3. Afterglow intensity

    4. Whether it comes with adhesive layer

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