Zhejiang Minhui Is Granted Provincial Photoluminescent and Visual Recognition Optical Functional Materials R&D Center Certification

Zhejiang Province's Department of Science and Technology has announced its list of companies that meet the criteria for building Provincial-level Hgh-tech R&D Centers for the year 2022. Among those listed is Zhejiang Minhui, which has been granted certification as "Zhejiang Minhui Rare Earth Photoluminescent and Visual Recognition Optical Functional Materials" High-tech Enterprise R&D Center.

We take pride in being recognized as a leading enterprise in the rare earth long afterglow photoluminescent materials and optical functional composite materials sub-industry in China. Since our establishment in 2003, we have been awarded the titles of National High-tech Technology Enterprise, Zhejiang Province Specialized and Innovative New Enterprise, and Hidden Champion Enterprise. We have also been involved in the formulation of numerous national, industry, group, and local standards and have won the Zhejiang Science and Technology Award three times.



Certifications and awards won by our company

The certification of our company as a provincial-level R&D center is a testament to our technical R&D capabilities and management standards. It marks a significant milestone in our company's journey of innovative development. As a provincial-level R&D center, we are committed to upholding the values of integrity, efficiency, quality, and innovation. We will focus on investing and applying our technical research and development expertise, and we will strive to achieve technological innovation and industrial advancement. Our objective is to deliver excellent products and ervices to our customers and contribute to the high-quality development of our enterprise.

Post time: Mar-02-2023

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