Glow In The Dark Greeway Showcase With MINHUI’s Photoluminescent Stone And Track Spike

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In our impression, rural roads without lighting facilities are as dark as ink at night. But today's rural roads in Jinhua have become so beautiful both in daylight and in the evening. From distance, the colorful patterns form a beautiful picture with local landscapes, houses and farmland. This “Star Road” is made into reality with Zhejiang Minhui Luminous Technology Co., Ltd’s photoluminescent stones and road track spikes.

w215 Star Road Located in Bailongqiao Village, Jinhua (Day View)

At night, the road glows like the Milky Way, illuminating the way forward. Although it is not as bright as the city night scene, it has a kind of elegant beauty and unique style.

w216 Star Road Located in Bailongqiao Village, Jinhua (Night View)

Minhui’s Self Illuminating Technology For Highway And Green-way

In order to improve the safety for travel in the night, the traditional method is to install street lights. Just like in a city full of electric lights, it is difficult to see the sky full of stars. Only in dark areas can you see beautiful starlight twinkling. Light pollution has destroyed the natural ecological balance and animal habitats.

For electric lamps, only 30% of electricity can be converted into light energy, and up to 70% is converted into heat energy and discharged. The huge use of electric light have contributed largely to global warming. Power-saving measures such as reducing the installation of road lights and replacing them with self-luminous products are crucial to help climate change and the ecological environment. These measures also implement the policy of "carbon neutrality and carbon emission peak".


w217Beautiful Green-way Made With Minhuis Self Illuminating Products

Minhui’s Self Illuminating Technology For Highway And Green-way is a technological innovation of energy-saving light source. Our photoluminescent products absorbs lights during daytime to release long-lasting afterglow (up to 12 hours) during the night. With the integration of six major technologies such as electro-optical conversion and intelligent control, our products can save energy, improve safety and make beautiful landscape with zero green-house gas emission at a low cost.

w218 Animal Patterns Made With Minhuis Photoluminescent Stone

With the participation and promotion of Jinhua Transportation Department, we have brought our photoluminescent products like stones and road track spikes into many local highway, green way and parks. We are always working on new and more advanced photoluminescent products and solutions to help mankind building a more sustainable future.

Post time: Jan-08-2022

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