MTB – Blue Strontium Aluminate Photoluminescent Pigment

Short Description:

MTB is made by mixing MH photoluminescent pigment and blue fluorescent pigment, thus has the advantage of outstanding luminance performance and vivid and uniform colors. More beautiful colors available in MT series.

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  • Molecular Formula: SrAl2O4: Eu+2,Dy+3 + fluorescent pigment
  • Chemical Name: strontium aluminate europium doped
  • Daytime/Glow Color: Blue/Blue
  • Afterglow Intensity: 170 mcd/sqm in 10 mins (1000LUX, D65, 10mins)
  • Density: 3.4 g/cm3
  • Grain Size: Ranges from 25~35um, please see Specification below
  • Product Detail


    MTB-4D is a model under MT series, it made by mixing MH photoluminescent pigment (strontium aluminate doped with rare earth) and blue fluorescent pigment. It has a day color of blue and a luminous color of blue, with a D50 grain size of 25~35um. It is great for making glow in the dark paint, ink, resin, etc. Waterproof version available.

    MT glow in the dark powder also include red, yellow, green, purple, blue, orange and rose-pink color. Its glow colors is very similar to its day color. We accept color customization. 



    Model Size
    Afterglow intensity(mcd/㎡) Glowing color(Night) Appearance (Daytime)
    10min 60min
    MTR-4D 25~35 180 26  MT series photoluminescent (5)  MT series photoluminescent (6)
    MTG-4D 25~35 170 24  MT series photoluminescent (7)  MT series photoluminescent (8)
    MTY-4D 25~35 200 28  MT series photoluminescent (1)  MT series photoluminescent (2)
    MTO-4D 25~35 180 26  MT series photoluminescent (3)  MT series photoluminescent (4)
    MTB-4D 25~35 140 20  MT Series- Colorful MT Series- Colorful2


    1. Luminance test conditions: D65 standard light source at 1000LX luminous flux density for 10min of excitation.


    Additonal Information

    MT series photoluminescent pigment is non-radioactive, non-toxic,very weatherproof, very chemically stable and with a long shelf life of 15 years with a temperature resistance of 250℃. After absorbing various visible light or ultroviolet light for 10-30 minutes, it can glow for more than 4 hours in the dark continously. 

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