MHP – Purple Calcium Aluminate Photoluminescent Pigment

Short Description:

MHP series photoluminescent pigment is made from alkaline earth aluminate, with a day color of light white and a glow color of purple. It can glow in the dark for over 12 hours and is certificated by SGS, REACH, ASTM. Different grain sizes and levels of luminosity available.

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  • FOB price: 10-40 USD/KG
  • Molecular formula: CaAl2O4::Eu+2,Dy+3,La+3
  • CAS No.: 1344-28-1
  • Chemical Name: Calcium Aluminate Doped With Rare Earth
  • Daytime Color: Light White
  • Glowing Color: Purple
  • ExcitationWavelength: 240~440nm
  • Emitting Wavelength: 460nm
  • Density: 3.4 g/cm3
  • PH: 10~12
  • Grain Size: Ranges from 2~85um, please see Specification below
  • Product Detail


    MHP series is calcium aluminate based glow in the dark powder doped with europium, with an apperance color of light white and a glow color of purple. MINHUI's glow in the dark powder is non-radioactive, non-toxic and skin safe. It is very chemically and physically stable and has a long shelf life of 15 years.

    Mixed with transparent medium like ink, paint, resin, plastic, nail polish and more, our photoluminescent pigment can help you to make stunning purple glow in the dark paint, sign, watches, fishing hooks, artwork, toys, clothes and so much more. 

    Strontium aluminate based photoluminescent pigment: MHG, MHB, MT series



    Model Size
    Afterglow intensity(mcd/㎡) Glowing color
    10min 60min
    MHP-6B 65~85 36 6.5  MHP A  MHP B
    MHP-6C 45~55 28 5
    MHP-6D 15~45 19 3.5


    1. Luminance test conditions: D65 standard light source at 1000LX luminous flux density for 10min of excitation.

    2. Particle size B is recommended for production craft of pouring, reverse mould, etc. Particle size C and D are recommended for printing, coating, injection, etc.



    Produce code: MHP Appearance: Solid powder
    Chemical name: Calcium aluminate doped with rare earth PH: 10~12
    Molecular formula: CaAl2O4:Eu+2,Dy+3,La+3 density: 3.4 g/cm3
    CAS No.: 1344-28-1 Excitation wavelength: 240~440nm
    Daytime color: Light white Emitting wavelength: 460nm
    Glowing color: Purple HS code: 3206500






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