MHP-7321 Polyester Photoluminescent Fabric

Short Description:

MHP-7321 is our sew-on Polyester Photoluminescent Fabric with a Class C grade luminosity. This fabric offers high luminosity, long glow time and durability to washing. It serves more than a decoration as it can act as a safety warning in the dark. It can be sew on all kinds of clothes or printed and cut to make different patterns.

  • Product Code: MHP-3511
  • Product Code: MHP-7321
  • Luminosity: Class C Grade (10mins>150mcd/㎡, 60mins>20mcd/㎡)
  • Backing fabric: Polyester
  • Attachment: Sew on
  • Day/Glow Color: Light Yellow/Yellow-green
  • Washing: 80 washes at 60℃ (ISO 6330)
  • Length: 50m, 100m, customized length
  • Width: 5-160cm
  • Product Detail


    MHP-7321 is our sew-on Photoluminescent Fabric with a polyester backing, providing Class C grade high luminosity, great durability to washing and a long glow time. It is non-toxic, non-harmful and non-radioactive. Its width can be customized from 5cm to 160cm, its standard roll length is 50m or 100m, other length can be customized based on customer request.

    It is an excellent choice for sewing onto all kinds of clothing like safety clothing, casual wear, sportswear, uniforms, etc. It can also be printed and cut into different shapes to make hem and patches. Not only does it beautify garments, but it also serves as a safety protection in the dark, providing visibility even when there is no light.



    1. High afterglow intensity: class C grade 10mins>150mcd/㎡, 60mins>20mcd/㎡(measurement according to DIN 67510 part 1, D65 standard light source, 1000Lux, excited for 5mins)

    2. Durable: can withstand 80 washes at 60℃ (ISO 6330) without color fading

    3. Long glow time: glow in the dark for over 12 hours, ensuring prolonged visibility in the dark when there is no light

    4. Eco friendly and skin safe: non-toxic, non-harmful and non radioactive

    5. Easy to use: easily die-cut, hand-cut, or guillotined to create different patterns

    6. Excellent printing performance: user can screen print different designs onto it

    7. Excellent weather, heat and cold resistance: can be used in the environment of -20~65℃.



    The reflective fabric can be directly sewn onto fabrics (with a weight of less than 150g/㎡). Use a double-thread lockstitch sewing method, with no more than 5 stitches per centimeter and a minimum distance of 2 millimeters from the edge of the reflective fabric.

    Use a household washing machine with a maximum temperature of 60℃, standard household detergent (do not use bleach). Drying temperature should not exceed 50℃, ironing at a medium temperature without steam.

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