MHR-8124 Fluorescent Yellow Cotton FR Reflective Fabric

Short Description:

MHR-8124 is our Sew-on Fluorescent Yellow Flame Retardant Reflective Fabric with a 100% cotton backing, designed with flame retardancy in accordance to EN 469, EN14116, EN11612 standard. It features high visibility during both day or night and is ideal for using in industrial and commercial applications where there is a risk of fire or high temperatures.

  • Product Code: MHR-3511
  • Product Code: MHR-8124
  • Backing fabric: 100% cotton or aramid
  • Attachment: Sew on
  • Suited Fabric: Medium or heavy fabric
  • Retro Reflectivity: 10-15 cd/ ( lx·㎡ )
  • Washing: 50 home wash cycles at 60℃ (ISO6330 ), Dry clean 5 cycles (ISO3175)
  • Certification: EN 469, EN14116, EN11612, OEKO-TEX100
  • Width: 5cm, customized size
  • Product Detail


    MHR-8124 is our sew-on Fluorescent Yellow Flame Retardant Reflective Fabric with a 100% cotton or aramid backing, offering great flame resistance and great washing durability. With its fluorescent yellow color, it ensures visibility during both day and night. It comes in tape or fabric form, standard tape width is 5cm, but other size can be customized. 

    It is an excellent choice for sewing on clothing used by professional personnel exposed to the risk of fire or high temperature, including firefighters, electricians, miners and more. It enhances safety and visibility, offering reliable protection in challenging environments.



    1. Durable: 50 home wash cycles at 60℃ (ISO6330) and 5 dry-cleaning cycles (ISO3175).

    2. Flame retardancy: meets or exceeds EN469,EN14116,EN11612 Standard

    3. Eco friendly and skin safe: raw material adheres to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.



    The polyester fluorescent yellow flame retardant reflective fabric tape can be directly sewn onto various clothing (with a weight of less than 150g/㎡). Use a double-thread lockstitch sewing method, with no more than 5 stitches per centimeter and a minimum distance of 2 millimeters from the edge of the tape.

    Use a household washing machine with a maximum temperature of 60℃, standard household detergent (do not use bleach). Drying temperature should not exceed 50℃, ironing at a medium temperature without steam.

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