MSGG-4D – Zinc Sulfide Photoluminescent Pigment

Short Description:

MSGG-4D is a model under MINHUI’s MS series. It is zinc sulfide doped with copper, with an apparence color of green and a luminous color of green. It has the advantage of having unadulterated and bright glow color.

  • FOB price: 10-150USD/KG
  • MOQ: 10KGS
  • Supply Ability: 30tons Per Month
  • Port: NINGBO, SHANGHAI, Etc.
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, Western Union, Etc.
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    MSGG-4D has a apperance color of green and a glow color of green, its D50 particle size is 10~30um. It is zinc sulfide doped with copper, chemical formula: ZnS:Cu.



    Luminescent zinc sulfide activated with copper (copper chloride) is the only type glow in the dark powder that is approved by the FDA as a color additive for limited use in certain cosmetics and body paints. Below is the link to the FDA website, please read and follow per their regulations or call them directly for help. 

    Electronic Code of Federal Regulations e-CFR data is current as of May 04, 2022. 

    Title 21 → Chapter I → Subchapter A → Part 73 → Subpart C → §73.2995 Luminescent zinc sulfide

    FDA Link: Color Additives Permitted for Use in Cosmetics



    MS series features zinc sulfide based glow in the dark powder. Currently, we manfacture 7 models, glow colors including green, red, orange, white, red-orange and rose-purple. These photoluminescent pigment has very pure luminous color, some of the colors can not be achieved by strontium aluminate glow in the dark powder. These photoluminescent pigment is non-radioactive, non toxic and skin-safe. 

    Some models are available in waterproof form, ask our specialist for more information. 

    Model Size
    Afterglow intensity(mcd/㎡) Glowing color
    10min 60min
    MSGG-4D  10~30 40 4 MSGG-4D a MSGG-4D
    MSRR-4D  20~50 20 1 MSRR-4D MSRR-4D
    MSRO-4D  20~50 22 1 MSRO-4D MSRO-4D
    MSWW-4D  15~45 170 27 MSWW-4D MSWW-4D
    MSWO-4D  10~45 25 1.2 MSWO-4D MSWO-4D
    MSWR-4D 10~45 25 1.2 MSRO-4D暗 MSRP-4D
    MSWRP-4D 10~45 25 1.2 MSRP-4D MSWO-4D


    1. Luminance test conditions: D65 standard light source at 1000LX luminous flux density for 10min of excitation.

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